Some of the clients we work with


“I really appreciate working with Innervision because Innervision brings the expertise and support which I need for my Business and at the same time shows innovative thinking.”
Stephane Monneret, Capgemini

Domino’s Pizza

“Since we started working with Innervision, we’ve cut our leasing overheads in half. Getting information is the click of a button, not a day or two’s work.”
Ceri Ashton, Domino’s

Charles Taylor Consulting

“Our leasing arrangements were complex. We couldn’t possibly know everything about leases ourselves, and with Innervision we don’t need to.”
Gary Willis, Charles Taylor Consulting


“Innervision has been absolutely invaluable, both here in the UK and as we’ve expanded overseas. They have such wide experience and provide the right calibre of resource.”
Steve Lea, SunGard

XPO Logistics

“I would say that Innervision have provided us with competitive funding and allowed us to get on with our job of running our logistics business. I find the interface easy – you say what you do and do what you say”
Dave Thomas, XPO Logistics

PHS Group

“I have worked with Innervision for the past 18 months and they have demonstrated over this time how much they can assist PHS.

Even as an experienced procurement team we need specialist help and support to achieve best value for money and optimum terms and conditions. I am now convinced that Innervision provide a valuable service in a professional, responsive and completely transparent way, managing our large portfolio very efficiently and reducing unnecessary spend”
Martin Vine MCIPS, PHS Group

House of Fraser

“We have worked with Innervision since 2010 and we have always received excellent levels of service. They are experts in their field and always act with complete integrity. Their unique combination of specialist leasing service and functional and relevant lease management software deliver an essential solution to House of Fraser and reduces the costs and risks of running a large lease portfolio. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other similar organisations”
Ray Kavanagh, House of Fraser


“Today more than ever in business, I have an expectation that a service provider like Innervision will bring value add to any organisation over and above the high standard of processing and reporting, particular when it relates to leasing, which can be such a minefield for those not in that sector.  Innervision does all of this and more for us in Capgemini, which is why we value our relationship.”
Tony Deans, Capgemini