We’ve been providing expert lease management consultancy and services since 1992. Between them, our experts have hundreds of years of experience. Read on to learn more…

We help organisations save time and money by managing their leases more efficiently, whilst ensuring accounting compliance.

Our services are delivered through powerful leasing software and our expert team is always available to help.

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Key facts


20 years

Innervision was founded in 1992 and has worked with a variety of clients since. We’ve helped businesses within a wide range of industry sectors and assets.



We’re based in London and help clients manage leased assets globally. We’ve arranged new leases evenly across the UK, mainland Europe, the US and also in Asia and Pacific regions.


1 Billion

Clients rely on our services to manage multiple types of leased assets. In total, we manage over a billion Euros worth of leases for our clients – and growing.


We are completely independent and work exclusively in the best interests of our clients. Our experts have helped some of the world’s leading brands improve their leasing.

135 million

Our experts help businesses save money on new leases. Last year, we helped to arrange new leases for our clients worth a total of over €135m.

We’ve developed our own specialised lease management software, LOIS, based on our experience of what businesses really need to improve their leasing.

The people at Innervision

Our team of leasing experts has enormous knowledge and experience. Quite simply, we’ll save you time and money.

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Our services
From identifying existing leases to negotiating new ones, our services provide everything you need to manage and report on corporate leases — saving you time and money.

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Responsible business
We aim to act responsibly and ethically in everything we do. We strive to have a positive impact on the environment and try to tread lightly as we use resources during our work.

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