Leasing is an integral part of running a company, but managing a lease portfolio is a time-consuming distraction from your core business.

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Innervision centralise all your lease agreements and can manage your portfolio as well as negotiating new leases and better renewal terms. 

Imminent changes to lease accounting rules will introduce a whole new raft of compliance reporting. We are well positioned to advise you and facilitate every aspect of meeting all the new requirements.


As leasing consultants, we're used to working with companies of all sizes within the UK, broadening to global clients at the top end of our scale.

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Further Developments and Delays for New Lease Accounting Standards
The hot topic within the leasing world at the moment is the continued progress on the forthcoming changes to lease accounting standards.
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Rates Become Interesting Again?
GBP Interest Rate Swap rates continue to trade at their recent highs and speculation is rife that interest rates could rise as soon as October. There have been many exciting developments surrounding rates recently, including Mark Carney’s shock U-turn on monetary policy at Mansion House earlier this month and current Interest Rate Swap highs bucking the trend of recent UK inflation figures. The big question now is whether the UK Inflation number will temper calls for a base rate rise this year and whether we should expect swap rates to fall sharply? Watch this space.
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