Get plenty of notice whenever a lease in your business is due for renewal – then decide how to proceed with advice from our experts


Time to plan
With all lease details consolidated in our software, LOIS, you’ll get plenty of notice when a lease is due for renewal. That gives you time to deliberate the best way forward and consult our experts.


Be proactive
We help you track and record all of your active leases through LOIS. That way,  when a lease is due to expire, you have everything you need to evaluate your options and make a decision ahead of time.


Make the right decision
Before a lease expires, it’s easy to view the renewal terms, compare quotes and request changes via our lease management software, LOIS. What’s more, our experts provide helpful, unbiased advice.


Expert support
Our team has hundreds of years of combined experience managing all types of lease. We’ll work with you to ensure you get the most appropriate solution, under terms that match your circumstances.



Complete transparency
Examine the total cost of your lease and see how this compares to offers from other suppliers. You can view complete data about any lease, giving you the tools and information to make the right decision.



Avoid additional costs
Typically, most capital expenditure is lost or saved at the end of the lease. We’ll help you manage this critical period to avoid excess fees from unwanted rentals, asset return penalties or wastage costs.



Expert negotiation
The documentation and procedures involved in renewing or a terminating a lease are complex. We’ll help you negotiate a seamless transition based on your chosen option.

How lease expiry services work

We keep track of all your leases. Whenever a lease is due to expire, we help you decide what to do.



We know when each of your leases is due to expire. As these dates approach, you’ll receive reminders to let you know you can cancel, renegotiate or switch suppliers.


Get the help you need to decide what to do when a lease expires. View complete data and compare quotes in LOIS, or consult our team to determine which options match your requirements.


Confirm your decision through our lease management software, LOIS. Then review your lease schedule and work with our experts to renegotiate renewal terms or meet return obligations.