What’s happening?

Lease accounting regulations are changing. New rules mean your business will have to account for leases in a different way.

The changes will require lessees to account for their leases under a single accounting treatment, bringing almost all leases ‘on balance sheet’.

The implementation deadline for the new standards is the 1st January 2019. To stay compliant with them, you need to have easy access to information about all your leases.

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We’ll help you prepare

Our lease management services help consolidate all the information you need to meet future lease accounting rules.


Easy compliance

We’ll track down and upload information about all your leases into our lease management software. With this data in one place, it’s easy to access the figures you need for your financial statements.

Get ahead

Although the new rules are likely to be phased in gradually, gathering and uploading your data now will make sure you’re ready. It will also allow you to easily compare figures for previous years.

Expert advice
Our team is packed with leasing knowledge and experience. We’ve monitored the new rules since they were first proposed and are actively helping our clients prepare for the changes.

Save time and money
Our services provide a clear view of all your leases, making you more efficient in many ways. We act on your behalf to provide accessible and accurate lease data. See more benefits >

Complete transparency
The new rules will likely require you to show comparative accounting figures. Working with us now means you’re ready to comply and will be able to show comparative figures.



IASB have now published IFRS 16 Leases 

This new global lease accounting standard will be effective from January 1st 2019

Find out more here

FASB is expected to announce the changes to US GAAP lease accounting soon

How we keep you compliant

Our expert team maintains and updates our software, designing procedures to cater for accounting rules as they change. We’re always on hand to provide advice, support and ideas.



Our experts identity and document all current leasing obligations on your behalf.



Our software provides a centralised database for your leases, along with associated documents and data — all in real time.



Instantly view information and generate tailored reports containing all the information you need for your financial statements.