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From identifying existing leases to negotiating new ones, our services provide everything you need to manage and report on corporate leases — saving you time and money.

Our experts are always available on the phone, but you can also manage all services via our online lease management software, LOIS.

Lease analysis
To improve your leasing arrangements you need to understand what leases exist in your organisation. We’ll analyse what you lease, what you pay and under what terms, so you can ensure you’re using leasing effectively. Learn more...
Lease arrangement
See all your options in one place. Invite quotes from your preferred suppliers, compare terms fairly, check the total cost — and arrange leases in minutes, all online. We’re not brokers, so we act in your interests. Learn more...
Lease management
Keeping track of corporate leases can be difficult, especially if records are spread across offices, countries or continents. We’ll consolidate your lease details in one place, then provide you with easy online access. Learn more...
Lease accounting
Future lease accounting rules may require you to show lease figures in your balance sheet. We’ve monitored these rules since they were proposed in 1991 and have made plans to help you comply as they’re announced and implemented. Learn more...  
Lease expiry
The end of a lease’s term is a good opportunity to re-evaluate, renegotiate, or simply walk away. We give you the time, information and advice you need to make a good decision whenever a lease expires. Learn more...
Set up and support
We also offer a range of additional services, tailored to ensure your organisation can make the most of your leasing opportunities. Learn more... 
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