LOIS is the powerful lease management software that enables you to organise and report on your lease portfolio more effectively.

It acts as the hub of leases in your organisation, allowing you to view lease details, arrange new leases and analyse your lease commitments.

With full reporting capabilities, you always have complete visibility of your lease portfolio.

Set up and profiling



No software to install

LOIS is cloud-based software that’s accessed via our web portal. There’s no need to install or manage any software on computers or servers in your business.


24/7 global access

LOIS is available from any internet-connected computer. As long as you’re online, you can sign in and see your latest data – no matter where you are in the world.


Lease profiling

Customise a lease record to capture all relevant information about the lease and assets it covers. Upload as much detail as you need, tailoring LOIS to display it in a way that suits you.


Easy to use

Get up and running quickly with the simple, intuitive interface. LOIS is designed to be straightforward to use, helping you navigate through complex lease data easily.


Expert support and training

No matter how you use LOIS, you get full support from a dedicated account team. Our experienced people are happy to answer any questions about the software and our services.


Data migration

Easily transfer lease documents, data and contracts into LOIS. Our specialist team will help locate, convert and upload information about your existing leases.


Multiple users

LOIS is designed for everyone in your organisation who is involved with leasing. Create multiple user accounts with customised access levels — so you can all work with the real-time data you need.

Your lease hub



Store contracts and documents

Upload master leases, lease schedules, invoices, purchase orders and any other documentation relating to your leases. LOIS ensures everything is in one place.


Search and locate

Use the powerful search function to quickly find the lease data you need. No matter how much information you have stored in LOIS, it’s simple to track down what you’re looking for.


Asset-specific management

LOIS records leased asset data in as much detail as you need. Use custom fields to save information such as mileage limits for vehicles, serial numbers for IT equipment or usage hours for forklifts


Asset-level reporting

With LOIS, you can run detailed financial reports that show information at an asset-specific level. These include data such as serial numbers, locations and model numbers


Manage lease quotations

Enter details of what you need once, then let LOIS communicate with your chosen lease providers. You receive and manage your quotes directly through LOIS


End of lease notifications

LOIS notifies you when leases are due to expire, then provides information so you can determine your best option. Actively manage expiring leases to avoid overpayments and unwanted extensions.


Track progress

Use predefined workflows to check the status of any lease, from quotation to termination. Through LOIS, you can track and approve actions, such as cancelling or extending.


Full audit trail

All decisions, approvals and processes are automatically recorded in LOIS, providing you with a complete audit trail. View a full history of changes and notes – from lease inception to termination


Lease notifications

Receive notifications when key dates are approaching. LOIS will send you an email when a lease is due to expire or when a lease provider has submitted a proposal. You can also set up customised notices.


Manage property portfolios

Many organisations manage lease portfolios that extend beyond equipment. LOIS offers a separate, tailored property module, where your property lease information can be stored.

View and use data



Scheduled reporting

Standard, built-in reports transform raw leasing data into information that allows you to view your position and make informed decisions. Monitor, track and report on all your leasing activity.


Accounting compliance

Access all the information you need to comply with current accounting requirements. LOIS also allows you to lock down your financial data, preserving its integrity.


New lease accounting

Changes to accounting rules will require you to report on leases in greater detail. LOIS stores all required data and will allow you to report comparative figures from before and after the new rules.


Advanced reporting

Built-in, flexible dashboards and business intelligence reporting allow you to visualise real-time data from your lease portfolio. Access data immediately and make fast, informed decisions.


Connect to other systems

LOIS can connect to and share data with other business systems, like your procurement, asset management or accounting applications. This increases automation and reduces errors.

Always evolving



Powerful customisation options

We work with all our clients to ensure LOIS is the platform they need. We are always happy to customise reports and dashboards and explore additional features that you request.


Updated automatically

LOIS is under constant development, and we regularly add new features. These become available automatically, without you having to upgrade your software or convert any data.

Protect your data



SSL encryption

All your company information is protected by strong SSL encryption. This scrambles your data, making it virtually impossible for unauthorised people to access it.


Automatic backups

We take regular backups of all your leasing data to make sure it stays safe, even in the very unlikely event of our servers failing. For extra peace of mind, you can export data yourself, too.


Secure servers
All data is held on servers located in secure data centres. These are protected by strong firewalls, kept in purpose-built premises and served by redundant power supplies and internet connectivity.


Uptime guarantee

We guarantee LOIS will be available for 99.9% of the time, ensuring it’s there when you need it. This means total uptime across any 30-day period will never drop below 99.9%.


Define access levels

When a range of people require access to your leasing data, you can set them up with LOIS accounts that allow them only to access the information they need.