LOIS is powerful lease management software that enables us to deliver all our leasing services — and gives you full visibility of real-time lease data.

One place for it all

LOIS stores comprehensive data about all your organisation’s leases – so you can always lay your hands on the information you need.

Make informed decisions

Generate reports, review costs, check terms and instantly access other information to help you make excellent decisions.

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Prepare for IFRS 16 Leases / FASB ASC 842

Changes to global lease accounting rules will require companies to account for the majority of the leases on balance sheet. LOIS incorporates unique lease accounting functionality, enabling you to stay compliant with current and future lease accounting regulations.

Save time

With LOIS as the hub of leasing in your organisation, processes are automated and data is instantly available, making lease-related tasks faster.

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Save money

LOIS analyses the total cost of ownership and notifies you of upcoming key dates, allowing you to identify opportunities to reduce leasing costs.


Customised and flexible

We make sure LOIS integrates with your existing processes and systems. Everything we do is tailored to the needs of our individual clients.

How LOIS works
LOIS stands for Lease Optimisation and Information Software. It provides a safe place to store information relating to all the leases in your business.

Save lease details, documents, conditions, costs, key dates and more in one place. We’ll help you collate, input and maintain this data.


Strong encryption protects your data and LOIS is updated in line with best practice. Everything is backed up regularly as you work.


Understand your overall position or drill down into specific leases with regularly scheduled and customisable reports.


Use LOIS from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. You have instant access to your central lease hub, 24/7.


Put new lease opportunities out to tender, select preferred suppliers and communicate with lease providers at renewal times.


LOIS always shows the very latest data, including projections, renewal offers and more – so you can make informed decisions.

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