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Save from the start

We’ll save you time and money, almost immediately. Our initial lease audit will identify overspends, spot out-of-date agreements and check all your records in search of misplaced or forgotten leases.

And that’s just the beginning. With all your lease information in one place, you can see every piece of data that we can. Your team can instantly find what they need, bringing new efficiency to your leasing operations.

See all your leases

When you work with us, we’ll investigate your current leases in full. We’ll dig through files, check payments, speak to suppliers and do whatever it takes to track down every agreement so you know where you stand.

All that information will be available directly to you via LOIS, our powerful leasing software. View your current status, check cost projections and run real-time reports — from anywhere, instantly.

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Find the best new leases

We can arrange new leases for nearly any type of asset or equipment. Just sign in online to enter your requirements and request quotes, or consult our expert team to arrange quotes from your preferred providers.

We always work in your best interests when evaluating leasing options. You get 100% visibility of every clause in every quote, plus a fair comparison that takes total costs into account.


End leases the right way

Faced with competing priorities and poor records, many organisations let leases roll over once the minimum term is up. We provide early warning with relevant advice so you understand the implications of ending or extending.

This gives you the time and data you need to re-evaluate the market, seek replacement quotes and make the best business decision. In short: it’s leasing the way it should be done.

Meet new accounting rules

New accounting standards are likely to be announced later this year, requiring you to include lease information on your balance sheet and in published accounts.

Use our lease management software to generate reports showing the real-time figures required for your company accounts. Our expert team will help collate, prepare and interpret the information where necessary.

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