With vast knowledge and experience, we’re here to help you save time and money by managing your leases.

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1318618.Tricia Bolton
Tricia Bolton

With many years of experience in finance, leasing and treasury, Tricia is ideally placed to guide our customers through the complexities of lease documentation and accounting.

She has helped customers across Europe, Australia and North America efficiently account for their lease portfolio, crafting documentation to account for leases and protect the interests of our clients.

1318612.Simon Boss
Simon Boss
Leasing Executive

Simon assists in the management of lease portfolios for our key clients. He joined the company in 2012.

He uses knowledge accumulated during 12 years in the industry to advise on new lease arrangement, to make sure client leases end smoothly — and to keep on top of complex client portfolios.

1318590.Diane Broscombe
Diane Broscombe
Leasing Executive

Diane looks after the day-to-day lease requirements of one of our largest global outsourcing clients.

This involves arranging new leases, managing an extensive lease portfolio and finding solutions to leasing queries. Diane has been in the leasing industry for six years, joining Innervision in 2013.

1318592.Jody Donovan
Jody Donovan
Leasing Executive

Jody looks after one of our multinational IT outsourcing clients, managing its lease portfolio in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

With six years leasing experience and two years at Innervision, Jody utilises her expert knowledge to arrange new leases, manage portfolios, organise expiring leases and respond to customer questions.

Rowena Groves
Account Manager

Rowena is responsible for managing the lease portfolio of her dedicated clients. This includes arranging new leases and managing leases as they end.

With over 15 years’ experience in leasing and wheeled assets, Rowena is well-positioned to advise clients on their options.

1318608.Ryan Hendrie
Ryan Hendrie
Marketing Executive

A key member of the marketing department, Ryan is responsible for developing and executing our marketing strategy in order to continue our global growth.

With over six years’ marketing experience, Ryan is well versed in digital marketing, print and strategic ad planning. Since joining in 2014, he has produced several successful digital and content campaigns.

Richard Hunsley
Richard Hunsley
Sales Executive

With over 10 years consultative sales experience, Richard is ideally positioned to understand your unique needs and guide your organisation through Innervision's various solutions. Whether it be outsourced lease management services, IFRS 16 / FASB ASC 842 lease accounting software or ad hoc project based leasing advice, Richard helps highlight the most appropriate option to achieve efficiency, compliance and savings.

1318598.Martin Kennard
Martin Kennard

Martin has worked with Innervision since 2006. Under his leadership, Innervision grew dramatically — from two employees to its current form.

As a director, Martin manages overall strategy, supports our major accounts and plays a key role in pursuing new business. After more than 25 years in leasing, Martin has a wealth of knowledge of the industry.

1318616.Sue Lebreton
Sue Lebreton
Global Account Director

Sue has a broad range of responsibilities, from running some of our largest multinational accounts to developing and managing our marketing strategy and team.

Sue has been with Innervision since 2007. Previously, she worked in a commercial role with major IT vendors. Her work at Innervision is pivotal to the company’s management and successful strategic development.

Luc Website.jpg
Luc Van Ransbeeck
Consultant Benelux & Continental Europe

Luc is a senior executive with a passion for helping large corporate organisations navigate the transition to the lease accounting standards through the implementation of advanced lease accounting software.

With over 20+ years experience in the leasing industry, Luc is ideally positioned to understand your organisation unique requirements and advise you on the appropriate solutions available. Whether it be lease portfolio optimisation assistance or IFRS 16 & FASB ASC 842 accounting services.